CERI : Tupai dan Ikan Gabus

Aloha Ceri Kids! We are Tupai and Ikan Gabus. We are the most unlikely best friends in a lake in West Borneo. However, one day Ikan Gabus was sick. Thus, as his best friend, I decided to find the seaweeds at the Shark Island waters which was guarded by a vicious shark.

CERI wants to tell you about a story of two best friends Tupai and Ikan Gabus. One day, Ikan Gabus was sick. He needed the seaweeds that only grow at the Shark Island waters. Promptly, Tupai went to the Shark Island which was guarded by a vicious shark. Would Tupai be able to come back safely and cure his friend? Find and enjoy the adventurous story of "Tupai dan Ikan Gabus".

Special Key Features:

  • Charming and outstanding graphics
  • Good story
  • No violence
  • Interesting activities
  • Attractive background music and sound effects
  • Bilingual
  • Library that connected to the AppStore

And our latest inventions:

  • joyful CERI theme song
  • swipe or press the button to flip the pages
  • choose your own favourite pages to start the story

Available On:

  • Free Version
  • Premium Version